Southwestward - Attack On Titan S2 Episode 3 Reaction


RJ, 01 Mar 2021 - 7:55pm
so many misteries
pretty nice to hear your theories on this show. is my favorite part of this series.
During hange's experiments we saw that titans are all sleepy when they are kept away from sunlight. So the soldiers assumed that they won't be able to move at night. In episode 1 of season 2, the scouts covered up the titan inside the wall so that its away from sunlight. The priest told hange the same thing "don't let sunlight touch it". AoT is very subtle with the pieces of information it gives and its actually very easy to miss some so i would advice you to watch every episode atleast twice. You felt this episode had a lot of info but trust me every episode has that. Anyways, good reaction.👍🔥
Actually so crazy watching this a second time and seeing so many hints I never picked up on before. It's all done so well.
Gabe97, 01 Mar 2021 - 3:17am
Im not religious either but even i know that, if you BELIEVE in something, you will die for it. Native Americans, Martin Luthor King Jr., slaves who jumped from ships, the Jews who went closer to the gas and breathed in more to die faster, cause all these people knew, Death, was better than giving up. Giving up your faith. Giving in. I know it sounds insane and maybe it is. But wars have been fought over religious reasons, so people will DIE for what they believe in.
Yeah you are definitely being too hard on Ymir lol. She comes across like a bitch but just wait, you might see more to her soon. Also as others have said titans can’t move at night normally as they need sunlight to function. The reason these titans were moving at night was because of the beast being able to control them. As they don’t know if the beasts powers they were clueless as to his ability to force them to move at night
They explained that titans need sunlight to move already when hange was doing her experiments on sauney and bean. Its also why the pastor ncik insisted that they cover that titan in the wall he said dont let it in the light or something like that, because if it was exposed to sunlight it would start moving out of the wall.
The reason why the soldiers assumed titans wouldn't attack at night is Hanji's experiment from season one: She said that when night falls Titans slowly stop their activities
Do you remember the scene in season 1 when hange was talking to eren about her titan experiments, it was in that scene when it was revealed that the titans can't move at night, the only reason why the titans at the end of the episode were able to move was because the beast titan was controlling them and he might have even created them, which could explain his control over them.
She is missing way too much already and we are only on season 2. I wonder what would happen in season 3
She's actually uploading the reactions to this so fast, it's crazy.
Like i watched the EP 2, this morning. Now it's evening, and there's another episode.