Letting Someone Else Go First - Demon Slayer Episode 16 Reaction


Demon snaps the necks
Suzy: What a bi*ch

Few moments ealier, when BoarBoy wants to kill them
also Suzy: yeay! he's doing the right thing

-_- so it's okay when boarboy wants to kill them wihout even thinking of another way, but when mom-demon is doing what you wanted, then she's a bi*ch? -____-
While it can be hard to sympathize with Mother after she kill all those people in a fit of rage like that it's rather telling what kind of a situation she's in when she actually enjoyed being decapitated.
"DEMOS SLAYER IS SO GOOD, so gooood" hahaha just how he decided to kill her after see that see wasnt going to defend herself....that scene is so beautifull