The Test - My Hero Academia S3 Episode 15 Reaction


lol have we watched the same season so far? the fact that you still think kacchan would be a villain is really sad
The reason Ms. Joke is always teasing Eraserhead is because he's the only one her quirk doesn't work on because he erases it. So unlike everyone else that she can make laugh without thinking about it, Eraserhead is someone she truly wants to make laugh for real. It helps also that he's such so ultra-serious and aloof as well. So if she can make him laugh, she can make anyone laugh for real.

It's like imagine everyone ALWAYS laughing at your jokes regardless of whether they were funny or not because your Quirk always made them do it. You wouldn't know if you were actually funny or if it was your quirk doing it all for you. Eraserhead provides her that unique challenge she can't find anywhere else.
This is definitly a valid point made for sure! I also like to think that him being so serious all the time is the opposite of her power and you know what they say, opposites attract. She all lovey dovey for him haha
Eraser head isn’t erasing her quirk, if he was his hair would go up and his eyes would turn red