Swordsman's Memorial - Sword Art Online 2 Episode 21 Reaction


suzy their guild isn't gonna stick together forever she could just want to play with them until they break apart and then return to kirito's party
not to mention the fact that their friend group with klein/silica/etc. isn't even a guild in the first place 😅
they nerfed asuna so much in the latest arc lmao it isn't even funny (sorry for spoiling suzy please don't read this)
To answer all of your questions... please keep watching!! ^^ Again this is my favorite arc in SAO :3

And to clear up the guild business, Asuna, Kirito, Klein, Leafa and the whole gang are not a guild. This is actually pretty common in MMOs. I know in FFXIV I probably play more with my close friends than with guild members, and we all belong to different guilds.

The last guild Asuna belonged to was Knights of the Blood Oath in SAO vanilla, with guildmaster Heathcliff.
Why are u continuing to act as tho Asuna was in a guild with kirito and the others? nowhere is it said that they were in a guild, just a party at best. And even if they were, temporarily joining another group doesnt mean one cuts all ties to one's other friends :P

I remember the first time I watched this episode, I was so confused about what was going on with the Sleeping Knights, especially with Yuuki. Of course, finding out what happens makes rewatching this episode harder, but it's surprising how quickly the tone of this episode shifts from a joyous victory to a somber mystery.

Also, I can tell that Suzy is not ready for what's coming up.
Haha Don't overthink on the whole Asuna ditching her own group to join the Sleeping Knights. She is just really amazed with them that she would like to develop a bond with them. Of course most of us already assume that Asuna can balance hanging between the 2 groups. Or in any case, she wants to connect them to make the social circle bigger.
Overall though, I love the reactions of this arc and I hope to see more of it soon at a faster rate haha Thank you for the reactions as always Suzy! ^^
Your reactions to this episode PROVE that you are a loving and caring person to your friends, your family, and people in general. I love your humanity and your concern for others! I can't wait for you to watch the rest of SAO 2. All of SAO has so much more than boss fights and quests! The character stories make me wish that I knew more people like them and you!