The World Seed - Sword Art Online Episode 25 Reaction


RUIN, 01 Jul 2020 - 2:35am
Glad you liked it.
In case you didn't get the flow of Kazuto's backstory.
When he was 10 his computer skills got him into the government records, because he didn't feel like he fit in, and he snooped around. He was adopted, because his "parent's" friends had died, leaving behind a small boy.
When Kazuto found out he said something, but Mom didn't want him to feel left out so she claimed that her friend, was her sister and that Kazuto was her nephew. Which is why he makes a reference to him knowing that what Mom was saying was a lie.
Realizing that he was adopted and Mom was making up ways for them to be related because she missed that he wanted bonds and not just blood, he kicked out Sugu from his life and disappeared into the online world.
Sugu later learned that they weren't family after she had a serious talk with her parents about why he had suddenly started being mean to her.
Kazuto drifted further and further away eventually drowning himself in this new technology called NerveGear. He became a famous player known as Kirito, and got jobs beta testing games. One day he got a new job offer that came with a free copy of the game: to beta test and QC a new generation of tech, in a game called
Sword Art Online.

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