Naruto's New Look! - The Last: Naruto The Movie Reaction Part 1


Martin, 31 Jan 2021 - 8:44pm
When will the last reactions to Naruto come? Currently, it looks like you're intentionally delaying this so that people don't cancel their subscription....
RUIN, 15 Jan 2021 - 2:52pm
The short version of Hinata's change is that she never wanted to be a violent person, so after the war ended and her dad was no longer pushing them down the path of violence, she left her training to work on other stuff, like leading her clan and home skills, because she has other goals. Wink wink. So when the guys caught her off guard and stole her chakra (that ball he was holding in front of her face.) she couldn't use it to wall walk anymore.
i'm kind of surprised that you didn't upload a reaction to the sword art online movie. it takes place after the first 2 seasons. if you haven't seen it, i'd recommend that you check it out
She recorded her reaction to it but she lost the footage hence why she didn't upload it.
Actually it was that her mic stopped working and it was too late when she noticed
Already can't wait for the next episode as, if it really is a three part, the next episode is where it quickly gets interesting and 'OMG!' inducing :'D
Hinata couldn’t use chakra because that guy absorbed some of her strength when he tried to kidnap her for all the people who don’t know why she didn’t fight back or walk on the wall. He didn’t want her to be able to fight back and make it easier to capture her.
oh yeah! I had been thinking about this back when i was watching the movie as a refresher. Thanks, I didn't realise!
Terry, 15 Jan 2021 - 1:02am
"Hinata is stronger than that!" YES! THANK YOU! i said the same thing! When she fell of the building, YOURE A NINJA YOU CAN WALK ON WALLS! Its like whoever wrote this forgot the rules of Naruto
EM, 15 Jan 2021 - 1:16am
I was just about to tell him that I guess he wasn't watching the movie he was just there to make fun of Hinata or probably Sakura
Her chakra was extracted bro same like Naruto when Toneri extracted his and he fell
You missed the part when the guy took her chakra out when she was on the swing. Did you see her faint when that happens. Generally you need chakra to walk on walls. So no chakra = no walking on walls.