Hinata Rejects Naruto?? - The Last: Naruto The Movie Reaction Part 2


Martin, 31 Jan 2021 - 8:44pm
When will the last reactions to Naruto come? Currently, it looks like you're intentionally delaying this so that people don't cancel their subscription....
Not going to say way because i dont want to spoil. But people who were upset about you wanted to see Sasuke and Sakura together are dumb..
Suzy is enjoying this Naruto + Hinata romance way more than anything I've seen her react too!!!!
EM, 16 Jan 2021 - 1:42am
There is a post-credit scene u need to watch ☝🏻 tho I recommend u watch it after ep.500 bcoz it's kinda time jumping, then after u finish Naruto; he & Sasuke their story still continues in Boruto the series but u already said u gonna watch it after it concludes so at least watch “Boruto the movie” it was released before the series
Tbh i think mass majority would like for her to react to the Boruto Anime that does a waaay better job adapting the Boruto movie into the anime show.. The anime shows more details, extra footage, better dialogue, and the fights scenes are better in the anime.
EM, 16 Jan 2021 - 1:36am
Idk how & why u said 484 is a filler episode and that u have already watched it. Episodes 484-493 are one story Sasuke's story 2 years after the war called “Sasuke Shinden” just like “The Last” is Naruto's story 2 years after the war.
After the movie I think u gonna have to re-watch it and react to it 🤷🏻‍♂
RJ, 16 Jan 2021 - 1:44am
484 is important for her to react to. you are correct, Em
Naruto was 17 at the end of the war, their all around the same age tenten and lee being a year older, it's been 2 years their 19
Riegan, 16 Jan 2021 - 1:10am
Remember to watch the credit and post-credits scene for the movie.

Also not sure why people would get angry at you for shipping Sasuke and Sakura since it’s the canon story saying that too lol