Naruto Shippuden: Road To Ninja Movie Reaction Part 3/3



jun, 08 Jun 2021 - 4:50am
Boruto the movie was release after the last and 2 years before the Boruto series. I would start there.
RJ, 07 Jun 2021 - 10:00am
it's awesome that you said that are interested on watching the Naruto Movies that you did not watched yet and share your journey with us. i certainly thought we would never see you watching these movies and it brightened my week to hear that you are interested on watching the other movies and made my heart fulls of happiness.there's still a plenty of Naruto content that you did not watched yet and many of us would like to see you reacting to. like the other movies, all the OVAs , the rest of the Fillers and also hearing that you are interested on watching the other Naruto Movies made me hopeful that one day you will still upload the end of the Kakashi arc for us.would be awesome if the next Naruto content that you share with us would be a OVA named The Day Naruto Became Hokage. would be great to see you reactions to it. see your reactions to this movie made my week.
this is why i absolutely refuse to watch boruto. it ruins naruto's legacy. just a cow being milked non cannon :/
The next movie is Naruto Blood Prison is the 5th Movie for Shippuden. It's really good too, a darker toned story with a touching ending and a different side of the ninja world most likely wouldn't be shown. That would be the next one in Reverse order to watch.
DJay, 07 Jun 2021 - 5:26am
If you like that movie you'll like the 4th movie just as good Naruto the lost tower has Minato in it also.
Mikeyx, 07 Jun 2021 - 4:54am
If you're watching in reverse order the next one will be Blood prison, and after that one is The lost tower.
if your watching it backwards, shouldnt you have watched naruto boruto the movie first? blood prison is next in this order..

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