Lord Snow - Game of Thrones S1 Episode 3 Reaction


Im glad you figured out the lack of plot armor, which is central to this series and Please pay attention to the small things cuz they all add up
I can zoom in a little closer on my phone when I’m viewing in “full screen” whatever device your on you should be able to do the same! 👍
Yes alot of information in these next few episodes, also Ned and catelyn were also arranged marriages. In this episode peytr baelish told the story of how Ned's brother was suppose to marry her and that's when petyr challenged him to a duel and lost. Also when Jaime was talking with Ned about his brother and father being burned alive by the mad king he told Ned that he stabbed the mad king and saw it as a form of justice for what he did to Ned's family. Ned didn't believe him but yeah, just gotta pay close attention to alot of the speeches.