The Bells - Game of Thrones S8 Episode 5 Reaction


I think it was so poetic how the Hound died. He was terrified of fire, but he jumped hundreds of feet, down into the fire, to take out his brother, which he had been waiting to do since his childhood. The Mountain made the Hound terrified of fire, by burning his face, but the Hound, literally took what the Mountain caused him to be deathly afraid of, the only thing he was scared of, to defeat his brother. This was a heart wrenching episode. I'm on your side, Suzy. I knew shortly after the get go, that Danaerys was going to turn out this way.
Varys was getting the little girl, that worked in the kitchen, to poison Danaerys. She hadn't eaten in days...That's why Varys said they would try again the next day. It's too bad he didn't get away with it, because she needed to go. She straight up started trying to act like Hitler in these last couple of episodes. I knew from early on in this series, that she was going to go insane and get power hungry. Just the fact, that she told people early on in the series, that they were free to leave, but killed them, if they didn't want to fight with her, pretty much summed it up, seasons ago. You two had a great reaction to this video.