One Lucky Day - Squid Game Episode 9 Reaction



Please also react to Alice in Borderland shows!! It was really good!!! Also another death game shows :)
Crazy little details you guys miss about the side characters death:

Kang Sae Byeok : trying to slit the throat of the guy that is trying to bring their mom from the North and at the end dying from her throat getting slit.
Cho Sang Woo : trying to commit suicide in the bathroom before coming back to the game and then commit suicide at the last game.
Jang Deok Su : jumping from the bridge to run away from the gangster and then die from jumping off the bridge at the glass bridge game.
Ali Abdul : push away his boss and run off with the money at the factory and then got betrayed by Sang Woo from the marble game.

That's all :). Damn... this show is really lit!!!

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