Hinokami - Demon Slayer Episode 19 Reaction


Do you forget Tangiro is the Star of the anime he has plot armor how could he have died in that episode
I hear you on episode 19, but I agree - it's not my favorite, either. Episodes 22-23 are my favorites. Nezuko is a freaking star in those episodes.
The hype for the episode was basically just about the fight. And I think it people over hyped it for you, which gave you high expectations for it.
@Agrendaz It's not about the story. Sure this episode had many plot points revealed and such. But the thing everyone was hyped about was mainly animation and song choice and how they made this episode so beautiful.
The big thing is he is a water swordsman, but he created fire. Hinting on his dad possibly having something to do with that new power.
It was so hyped for the Masterpiece animation,
wich was better than 90% of all other anime. Kinda sad that this episode wasn't so big for you but yeah :) the upcoming episodes are going to be funny as hell so😂
The fact that he used fire when she should only use water was the hype and gosh I was all over the place when I saw that!!
What I can tell about this episode's reveal is very very important.
You must remember Tanjuro(Tanjiro's pop) performs Hinokami.
That's pretty clear that Tanjiro's Hinokami and Nezuko's blood art awakening is the most doping moment of this show.
P.S. Rui(string dude) is 'lower' five of twelve kizuki. It means he is 11th rank of 12.
Actually why this episode is the best so far because of tanjiro's character-building since episode 1. And maybe you don't realize that this episode actually answering why tanjiro's blade has black color, because usually Demon slayer's blade color depends on what element they use but it's not happened with tanjiro. Plus they use a very good song to build that fight scene, that made me goosebumps and very enjoyable when first time I saw that.

It's ok if you feel the last episode is better just because inosuke is your favorite character, but at least you can see from a different perspective why all the fans so hype with this episode.
Well the big hype was about the sub. The sub for this anime in particular is many universes better than the dub and this episode is an absolute masterpiece in japanese
KEI, 31 May 2020 - 6:12pm
The big hype for this episode was because of its GOD tier animation...I'm surprised you didn't notice.
There's a reason this ep trended worldwide
Tobi23, 31 May 2020 - 6:02pm
Best episode ever even if English version is very ugly 🤢🤢

Emotional - 50%
Compare this episode to the Japanese version. The English voice actors are horrible especially on this episode lmao
nijil, 31 May 2020 - 5:25pm
oh you shouldn't have said that, anyways you seem to forget this almost always the main characters will not be killed off. It rarely happens so you should start paying attention to the details and stop worrying about deaths , otherwise you will miss out plenty .18 is not better it's just everyone hyped 19 so much that felt it wasn't ( nezuko gained blood art, their father and that ne technique and the kid is the kizuki) this is also the best fight in this season.
Suzy! I have a personal recommendation if you wanna keep watching grat animes.

PLEASE watch them in Japanese.. their expressions and how they transmit emotions trough their voices is a million times better! .. this episode lost a lot on it's emotion with the translation that's also probably why you didn't feel as much as most of people did. I've also seen another reactors on this dubbed episode and they feel the same why as you 0they didn't understand why so hyped about it). But I think is because in the Japanese version their voice acting as a million times better. I think only Naruto is the one anime where the dubbed version is pretty dope (even though Japanese is on scale up).

SO anime is worth A LOT more watching it in Japanese just a recommendation. Keep up the good work Suzy we love you ;)