Fight on, Iida - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 11 Reaction


I don't know what trolls are telling you that you are supposed to like Endeavor. He is 100% heel right now.
Exactly, let her feel however she wants to feel right now. Whether or not those feelings will change over time, let her figure that out for herself. People keep forgetting that we've already seen all of it, but she hasn't.
Do what I do, think about how you felt about certain characters at that point in the show, I mean I thought Endeavor was a dickhead at this point in the show, but I thought his design was pretty sick. But now I respect him, and understand why he was doing what he did, even if I didn't agree with how he handled it. Anyway my point is that your feelings towards a character can change throughout a show. I mean 1st season Suzy hated bakugou, but now she kinda roots for him.
He excretes Nitroglycerin like sweat from his palms that he detonates with a spark he creates. Sorry I don't know why but I love the concept of his quirk.
Better believe I have your back! I have no problem calling these individuals out on their bs! I’ve seen some of the videos and the content is absolute trash. But on a positive note, great reaction once again!
N0, 13 Aug 2020 - 2:48am
They have reasons and proof of what's happening. Some are joining in because they understand or just because. Talking about something without solid info is a delusion. Dealing with these things mentally is much better than dealing with it emotionally.
Each contestant has up to 3 chances to compete for the championship. By losing their matches this year Uraraka, Deku, and the others will be in the same class next year with 2 more opportunities to win!