Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 16 Reaction


I think your forgetting that they are paralyzed, They aren't staying down cause they want to lye on the floor
RJ, 25 Aug 2020 - 10:08pm
great episode.
the relationship between midoriya and todoroki is really awesome.
such great characters.
This was actually the episode that made me fall in love with the show. I really wasn't feeling it as much early on but when it took a dark turn like this it made me enjoy it much more.
N0, 25 Aug 2020 - 8:58pm
Plot armor is cliche and makes the story boring and unamusing. Relying on it a LOT is bad writing. btw, plot armor is demonstrated ONLY when main characters survived attacks or destructions that they should NOT be able to cuz they're not supposed to withstand such a thing.
Yes, but the idea of "the main character won't die" can also be generally referred to as plot armor (not in a bad way). It's just a fact that in 99%+ of anime the main character will not die . In the rare cases that the main character dies it's usually at or near the end.
Well given that the entire MHA story is being told by Deku in the future kind of tells you up front that he will at the very least live to a point where he becomes the greatest hero in the world. That said, how he gets there is what the show is about, and how he gets there is why people are interested in the show. Personally, I prefer it it told in this way because the show is more honest / upfront. Also, how do you know the limits they are "supposed to withstand." We are talking about people that fly, have super strength, shoot fire, etc. Some people complain that not enough characters die in this anime, but that is all anime. And I would also like to point out that at least in this anime so far, deaths are permanent. Most anime bring back the dead (DBZ/dragon balls, Naruto/Nagato). To be fair, MHA could do something similar with a character that is introduce in season 4 but there is no way of knowing what direction they will go with her powers imo.
Guess you missed it but Shigaraki didn't have the hand on his face when he was watching the sports festival a few eps back.
She is going to be such a wreck during Season 3 I can't wait. Still plenty more good stuff to come in Season 2.
Endeavor is the #2 hero for a reason. When it comes to the tangible job of being a hero no one is better. He has solved more cases and made more arrests than any hero in history. You can acknowledge someone is not a good person yet great at his job. And that is what Endeavor is. The fact that he has the #2 rank depute his low popularity numbers is a testament to his outstanding hero accomplishments.
What is even more crazy to think is that Endeavor is most likely the greatest hero ever with the one exception being All MIght who is in fact the greatest hero of all time. Endeavor isn't just the number 2 hero of his time, he is most likely the number 2 hero of all time. Also, he is a natural hero (what people think All Might is), but All Might even said there is nothing natural about his quirk. Endeavor is probably the greatest of all time when it comes to training, decision making in the field, quirk mastery, knowing exactly what his limits are / how far he can push his quirk and stay in a fight, etc. Its so similar to Deku and Bakugo, Bakugo is better than Deku in almost every way when it comes to training, decision making in the field, quirk mastery, knowing what his limits are, etc.
hexus, 25 Aug 2020 - 1:55am
A mistake he made in this episode that I did not notice when watching this before is the fact that he didn't even care about the other heroes that were pretty much about to get killed, whereas the reason why deku did not leave, he literally said "I can't carry all 3 of them"

It is sort of sad to see how blinded Lida was
Exactly. In that moment Tenya was overcome by hatred and became a "phony hero" as Stain would call it. Stain's methods are unethical but he is right about many people displaying fake heroism.
I think you may sympathize or be a fan of Stain's ideals considering your opinion on the Hero status in society, not to the extreme of Stain's actions but I'm sure there's a discussion to be had there.
Remember this season's first episode. Uraraka views herodom as a career much like policeman or firefighter. Stain's ideal hero is All Might whose private life is secret and does not cash-in on his fame, as far as we know. This season's biggest failure is not bringing Uraraka"s point of view back into the story, leaving little counter-point to Stain's view that most heroes are corrupt.
I think Stain knew a lot more than the audience does at this point (even in the current manga). I get the vibe that there is some really shady leaf village stuff that happened in the past with the hero society. Similar to what the leaf was willing to do with kids in the black ops, and Itachi with the Uchiha. To put another way, I think that what Endeavor did to his kids pales in comparison to other stuff happening in the hero society behind the scenes. There is a very real possibility that the hero society is built on lies. Stain is probably a product of the old world (pre-All Might) and that would be why he is so driven as if he is a lone hero to kill what he views as the genuine evil. After all, in this time the Heroes reign supreme, there are no major Villains really (The League is kind of just viewed of as small time). I would be willing to guess that the vast majority of heroes are less like All Might and more like Endeavor or worse.