Climax - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 17 Reaction


Bro why can't you sub watchers just respect the fact that the English dub voice actors go out of their way to make English versions for people that like to watch english, like bro if you dont like dub stop going to people's comments and dub videos just to spread hate abt dub cuz thats literally all you guyw do and its getting annoying, it makes me feel like not wanting to be apart of this community, and the voice shouldn't matter anyway, if people are enjoying that anime that's the only thing that matters. damn bro
I don’t think the public this Endavour is a bad guy, I’d say they’re just intimidated! Haha
mini, 28 Aug 2020 - 1:06pm
Stain wants to kill fake heroes, heroes that are only in it for revenge/fame/money etc aka Iida and Endeavour, that's why he let Deku live and even saved his life
Stain is more of an Anti hero like the Punisher than a villain. He sees that most of the heroes are not true heroes they only do it because they get money or fame or because its tradition so they think its expected they will do it. They don't save people because it's the right thing to do or they don't have the drive to help people without any reward or being told to. That is what drives him because society elevates these false heroes so he kills those he views as false heroes to try and fix society in a way. He isn't a standard villain like Shigarki because he kills the Nobu to save Deku because Deku and All might have the characteristics of true heroes that's why he says All might is worthy to be a Hero. Deku came to save Ida without anyone telling him where he was or because it was to gain fame or money. He showed up and meddled because that's what heroes do. At the end where they all got scared and couldn't move was because the strength of his conviction and his will to fight to accomplish his goals were stronger than their will to fight.
Most people in the show are referred to by their last names. That's why Endeavor and Shoto are both referred to as Todoroki. It's just their last name
RJ, 28 Aug 2020 - 3:20am
Stain is a really interesting villain.
Stain reminds me of Pain. or Thanos.
Stain truly thinks he's doing the best for the humanity.
such a great fight on this episode.
Hi Suzy, it seems you are kinda confused with the anime and their villans, so i will try to explain the society as well as i can so the criminal world are divided into 3 different tittles
1. Hero- it is basically where people who are allowed to you quirks to stop crimes are paid.. now as a job the word hero has lost it's meaning because it is seen more as an occupation than what we know from movies. The people who are hero's in movies of marvel and dc while they save people they don't expect anything in return while here they expect money and fame so as in other occupation corruption rises. the concept is similar to normal job like police.. but they are more like corrupted politicians who can basically fight (in a way)
2. Villans- they go against the law by using their quirks to get their job done. not let me tell you L.O.V. under shigaraki is very poorly represented because it seems he is doing all for his hate for All Might while the world of villans is more in depth with other organisations.
See not every one wants to criminals while some became because of greed others are forced into situation to do so.. even later n when you understand the origin of One for all(OFA) and All For One(AFO) you realise that what ever the 2 sides did were not right nor wrong at that time because the society was broken at that time it just that because of AFO loosing the society deems AFO worthy but his reasons is justified when you see it with an open mind. LIke any criminal collecting money for their sick family or to support someone his actions are also justified and they can't correct the wrong they see from the light so they find answers in the dark.
If you find stories you can find were midoriya was a villan with a legitimate goal. Just imagine the Izuku's life as a hero was on a really thin strand.If his determinayion was to waver even a little bit. He could have been a villan like shigaraki because of how society treated him.Sometimes being a misfit of world can also lead to villan cuz' you are not ideal as to live up to the norm and the assumed "good".
3. Vigilante they basically do hero work unofficially. basically why they are criminals are because they don't have license to use their quirks in public.Now Vigilante fight villans and fake"hero's " alike to save people some time even hero can be villainous when consumed with greed and stain orignally is a vigilante but since he is a criminal Iida's "oh so law abiding mindset" potrays him as a villan.
If you notice Stain fights fake villans and hero's alike and will not hesitate to fight true hero's if they stand in his goal.
Like he killed the nomu to save midoriya who he deemed of saw as a true hero because he wanted to save people while Iida who is a hero for revenge(at the moment he was judged) he was to be eliminated(seems harsh but stain has his reasons).

So basically the superhero society there is not as what we see them as a very aspiring idea in the anime it is the norm so it comes under the influence of both good and bad of society similar to ours. i hope my thoughts reached you and if you have any further quarries regarding the anime you can put in as a reply to this comment..
hope you a great life.
They haven't introduced or showed AFO yet so it's pretty much a spoiler. Some things't don't need mentioned, like the whole AFO thing considering it explains it all later.
That scene where everyone one was scared was a anime way of showing his determination and conviction was so powerful and intimidating that it terrified everyone. And when his rib punctuated his long, his bloom go in his mouth and his own Quirk knocked him out for eight minutes.
DJay, 27 Aug 2020 - 9:58pm
Stain is basically a anti hero. He targets heroes that are only being a hero because its a job not because they're truly heroic in nature. He says All Might is worthy because he truly is heroic. All Might is the symbol of peace and Midoriya also is truly heroic soo Stain likes Midoriya. He saved Midoriya while all the other heroes just stood there.
Stein just wants to rid the world of all the fake heroes, and in their society most heroes are heroes because it's a job or its a family business or something like that only a very few do it because they want to help people.
The level of fear that stain put out in those final moments, made him by far one of my favourite all time villains in anime. I felt actual fear 😳
Do you remember in OG Naruto when Sasuke and Sakura were so terrified of Orochimaru's killing intent that they couldn't even move? It's the same deal here with Stain. They were paralyzed by Stains bloodthirsty aura for a moment. It wasn't an actual super power, they were just afraid of him.
the only reason he was able to put that level of fear into them though is because Stains conviction to change the world was so strong and they could feel it
Oh, I wouldn't worry about having only one favorite in this anime, cause there are so many main characters (like naruto).

So it's OK to like both kachaan and todoroki the same.