Something More Important Than Life - Demon Slayer Episode 13 Reaction


Of course people hiped up episode 19 alredy -.-
They can never shut there mouths.
Did you guys ever heare of the element of suprise?
Yeah, that's gone everytime you needlesly hype up something good becouse than people start having expactations.
Actually, in episode 5 we only saw four people who passed. The girl, the mean guy, Tanjiro and Zenitsu. We only saw four people, but in a later scene in that episode, they said five people passed. Boar Mask here was the fifth survivor. As Zenitsu said, he made it down the mountain before the other four did and he was long gone by the time the other four showed up. That's why we never saw him until now.
How did the drum guy turn into a demon...?
Good question maybe his anger or negative emotions turned him into a demon...? I don't know I am only guessing based on what happened and I am using Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestira as a reference.
That's actually a really good theory concidering that the demons in this show are called "Oni" in the japanese version. And Oni in japanese volklore where humans who turned into demons through negative emotions like hate, jelousy, etc.
So until the show says that there is no way for a human to turn demon on it's own I think your theory might be the right call.
(There is also the posibility that the scene was simbolic, I kind of fever dream retelling of what happened. But I like your idea better becouse it would fit japanese culture)
Ignore those annoyances it all leads back to yt itself but since they can't attack yt directly without losing their jobs they find any other possible outlet for their hate. Cowards looking for scape goats the lot of them. I'm tempted to go leave a select few comments on their videos.
I'm so sorry to hear people doing that to you. I can see how much effort you put in every reaction you do and you are an awesome person. Keep going, I'm sure there are a lot of people like me that support you!
I can't wait for more reactions, thank you!
Forget those haters and fantasy-forbidding parent-like. Be happy for yourself and your followers.
Very relieved moving forward to canon arc on Shippudden.
And can’t wait for next episode you will discover referenced to 🤣
My boy Tanjiro just got done with an epic battle. I think it took him a minute to help Zenitsu because he was a little overwhelmed at seeing Zenitsu being attacked and also seeing Zenitsu simultaneously protecting his sister. Ease up on the man he still has broken bones,
Raven, 14 Apr 2020 - 6:22am
I wonder why so many people are apparently hating on you... I legit didn't notice any of the hate and just wonder why... I mean, you do your stuff on the channel, reactions didn't quite work out on YouTube so you made a website for your community to watch them and you're by far not the only one using Patreon. Also you have a likeable character and you're fun to watch so yeah... I'm kinda lost here. With fame comes hate I guess. Stay how you are Suzy <3
There were five people who passed final selection, according to those to girls who explained things to those who survived. However we only saw four people.
WTF is wrong with people, why would they attack you. Your channel is nothing dramatic. Haters gonna hate.

Side note, is it possible to fix your website so posting a comment doesn't reload the page, i.e. reload the video?
Suzy when i watched this video, the video froze around 10 times and i had to restart my browser 10 times to finish watching it. Not sure what the problem was.
Maybe your internet speed is too slow? Do a speed test on google search. If your internet is below like 20 mb/s it's prob your internet.
Haxxy, 14 Apr 2020 - 4:38am
Fun fact, the voice actor for the Drum Demon in this episode is the same as Orochimaru.
Inosuke has the same voice actor as Kirito, in case anyone hadnt made the connection already
Who cares about the time taht takes for upload a video? just rest or do whatever you want to do! thank you! <3