End to Eternity - Sword Art Online: War of Underworld Ep 14 Reaction


sorry suzy ,i like your reaction to SAO, and now we are nothing!!!iits possible we are new,sorry for my english ,im french because i pay for your site and i nothing until 2 weeks.
with my respect
autret matthieu
RIP Bercouli the oldest human in underworld My favorite Knight due to his winning personality Love and compassion for his daughter and his underlings he knows whats right and wrong with a will of steel

on another note the beginning of the episode gave me avengers endgame vibes Asuna on your left
I loved Bercouli's words to the Pontifix; "Still I'm glad that in my memories you're able to smile like that." To me that comment was the height of grace and wisdom. Bercouli gave centuries of service to the Pontifx; in his version of the afterlife she was worthy of that service.
If you want to watch the fighting scene like that or more better...you should watch jujutsu kaisen...trust me,many people will agree jujutsu kaisen is super worth to watch
It hurts to see Bercouli die again but he is such a badass. This showed me how much he really held back against Eugeo in the first half of season 3