The Final Load Test - Sword Art Online - War Of Underworld Episode 3 Reaction


I bet Suzy will start to hate Mr Miller in the next couple of episodes and not because he chocked sinon to death in BOB 4
AC, thank you for the offer you made a few days ago, but I've decided to watch this season subbed. I've enjoyed subtitled shows in the past and that way I can watch all my anime on one site. I am not regretting that decision so far.
its cool I just though Id Make it easier for you since the episodes aired in english dub on toonami
Talion, 06 Apr 2021 - 6:17pm
No spoilers but; as someone said below there is a movie about the original Aincrad coming out soon, followed by an anime adaptation (known as SAO Progressive). Following that however, is another season which is called Unital Ring.
THIS SEASON WOOOOO!!! I literally lost count on how many times I've seen SAO from beginning to end. And I'm watching One Piece. And I have 2 jobs and regularly workout.
In this season there where a lot of characters I got in love with❤, no t only main characters that's why, this was my favorite one
I love Vassago's new design better than the first season and for once he has more than five minutes of dialog and a bad ass bullying personality
There is a movie coming out later this year based on the SAO Progressive set of books. I read the first volume that starts out at the beginning of the Aincrad (SAO 1) arc and it has a more detailed story of Asuna's adventures on the first level of the game. How they are going to adapt all that extra narrative into one movie is beyond me. Can anyone give us any more info on this movie?
all i know is that its coming out this fall in english subbed it will probably be dubbed at the end of next year
If it airs in Fall this year, then SUBs only will take a whole year, for DUB you'll probably wait even longer.
Can say this, because for few years i've been watching Fate/Heaven's Feel movies, and every year, when each movie got released in Japanesse Cinemas, it was a delay of a whole year to get subbed version.
Well, the most important thing is when the DVD/BluRay version gets released, if it gets released quickly, then it will be pretty fast in the internet aswell.