Encounter - Death Note Episode 9 Reaction



It’s very interesting that in Light’s and L’s inner monologue one is fiery hothead while one is cool as a cucumber. Red vs. Blue. hahahahaha!!!!!
Cobby, 10 Aug 2020 - 3:15am
Light's furious, but also kinda respects him for the audacity of the move haha
Zek-XI, 10 Aug 2020 - 1:20am
I love these lengthy reactions, Suzy! Keep it up! We love you! <3
Can I please be unbanned from the discord. I'm the person ask if I could post a picture of your name written in my death note. I am very sorry I did not mean to offend you. I thought you would of found it funny. I'm so sorry.
Wait you did what? I am sorry but ppl like you need to be banned and keep banned cuz this is very serious stuff. This kind of joke should not be tolerated on this website or anywhere else.
wauw :S the fact u found it funny and didnt even consider thinking about what u where actualy saying "i wrote ur name in the death note, ur gonna die" despite it not beeing real... is mental.. despite ment as a joke. i really cant see how a mentaly healthy person can find that funny. and with what suzy have been trough. despite if she "deserved" some of it or not wich may i add i have no intresst in that drama... wauw dude... i would have banned u instantly.. "funny" or not. that was a death threat. ofc i guess some might find that "funny"
let me clarify the last bit where i said "deserved". i have no intresst in judgeing suzy. i like her reactions, and she does a good job at it. what have going on behinde the scenes between her and other youtubers. i couldnt care less about. i do care that she have been harased as much as she has. and thats evident she has. wether whos at fault is not for me to deside. i was not there. so i cant say for sure. i do like suzy as a person tho.
I saw it, kind of a dick move. It didn’t come off as serious, but was still very thoughtless. I’d respect her decision.
N0, 10 Aug 2020 - 3:50am
Those who are involved shouldn't threaten Suzy. It'll only make things worse. Since you support and loved her content, continue giving her the nicest treatment possible. Otherwise, she'll lose it and stop making content.

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