Deku vs. Kacchan - My Hero Academia S3 Episode 23 Reaction


So you will be doing one punch and invincible for the time being. then season 4? if you need another ill think Jujutsu Kaisen should be next
Btw sometimes dudes just gotta fight it out. Sometimes theres no bad blood afterwards. Depends on the dudes.
hi suzy,
you mentioned that your annoyed at yourself because you mist how Lachan must have felt alll this time but that is not your fault its just basic human thinking when we see certain things people do

I think you should watch this video of bakugo that is based on this episode and why you mist all the clues that could have help you see it sooner
Aashi, 20 Jun 2021 - 2:44am
I think Bakugo also don’t have a full potential of his Quirk too….and the impact or damage of Deku’s quirk is more than the Bakugo’s…so I think both were even and Bakugo win fair fight.
All Might - uses 100%
Deku- jumps between 5-8%
Bakugo- How could you lose??
Loved this episode 🤍
this is my fav episode of the whole series and really solidified how amazing and complex Bakugo can be. Bakugo deserved this win bc he kept getting knocked down throughout the series so im very happy with the outcome and to see them as proper rivals now