Naruto's New Look! - The Last: Naruto The Movie Reaction Part 1


Must react to Naruto Shippuden: Boruto Next Generation! Oh and if you are going to move your attention to other anime. I highly suggest Hunter x Hunter! You will find every character to be absolutely stunning! Currently watching hunter x hunter with my girl :)
EM, 14 Jan 2021 - 7:41pm
If U really gonna wait till Boruto series is concluded to watch which still years before that happens. At least react to the movie “Naruto Shippuden: Boruto Next Generation”
"Without further Abdul" Huh, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure it is apparently. I only just watched it myself for the first time recently. Lol unless the comment is unrelated but I suspect it was indeed a hint.
This is why I dont find Naruto to be a realistic character. This guy right here had Hinata sacrifice her life for him and confess her love and all he could think about is Sasuke. Who's mans is this? Get this dude outta here.
Didnt he lost some of his memories after turning into the nine tails thing when fighting Pain?

No you guys misinterpreted something about Naruto. In Japanese, Hinata used a word Daisuki, and Naruto assumed she saying I love you as a friend. Daisuki is general platonic as in. "I really like you" but as a friend. It can mean romantic depending on how it's delivered. So in Naruto's defense, he just didn't know.
I really want her to react to Boruto eventually.... just to see how these characters are all grown up. But the most confusing part to me is why she's not that curious to find out. I was dying at this point to know how Boruto would be. But I understand the fact that Boruto is not fully dubbed right now (although I have to say that eng Boruto's voice is beyond terrible imo and I would prefer the japanese version). I'm really hoping you are coming back soon for Boruto!
Eh, having watched about 50 episodes dubbed on Toonami before it took a break, I never had a problem with Boruto's English voice. I doubt she will either. It's just something sub watchers need to get used to since they're so used to the Japanese voice.
Just occurred to me I had never heard dub Boruto's voice. I actually don't mind it at all, it fits. I always hated Naruto's english voice. At least Boruto sounds like he's actually voiced by a boy.
I love sub but I never hate on the dub and sometimes prefer it such as with Naruto. But Boruto's dub is...not good. Everyone else dub voice is great except his just because it looses that playful voice he usually admits.
Boruto is just odd to me. The movie existed before the manga and anime did and I thought it was alright and a good sequel to the Naruto series. Then the anime and manga started and I didn't at all care that the manga was just a monthly tale that SLOWLY retold the movie. I was ignoring it and the anime started off way earlier than I would've guessed, but I grew tired of it quickly, but it DID animate the Scarlet Springs Gaiden that Kishimoto drew and it was handled PERFECTLY. But then I grew tired of all the "filler" episodes it had since the anime original stuff is just lacking for the most part imo. But The movie arc in the anime is WAY better than it was in the movie. And I went back to the manga once new material started and even though it being monthly sucks, I'm really enjoying the ride. Frustrating that the anime is still taking its time getting to all that stuff though even if I understand it.
EM, 14 Jan 2021 - 7:39pm
U kidding that movie was released in 2014 maybe before the war 😂😂😂 it was the ultimate spoiler
She will eventually but based on what she said before, she is going to take a while. She might wait until the series is done.
I don't think Naruto remembers, remember he did turn into the 9 tail when he thought Hinata died, he didn't remember when he hurt Sakura or jiraiya either
RJ, 14 Jan 2021 - 6:20pm
@Kai9947 he don't remember what happens when he's already turned.
Hinata confessed her love in Pain Fight before Naruto turned on nine tails