Naruto's New Look! - The Last: Naruto The Movie Reaction Part 1


I don't think Naruto remembers, remember he did turn into the 9 tail when he thought Hinata died, he didn't remember when he hurt Sakura or jiraiya either
movie reveals that naruto never really loved sakura, but the reason he says that he loves her is because sakura loves sasuke and naruto doesn't want to lose to sasuke since he's his rival.
Yeah and I think that Naruto did have a crush on her but didn't understanding his own feelings that they weren't real, and kept going.
Awesome! You are watching it 😁 This takes place 2 years after the war so Naruto and everyone else his age are 19 years old in this timeline.
EM, 14 Jan 2021 - 7:38pm
Also “Sasuke Shinden” story takes place 2 years after the war but it was supposed to be before the movie, bcoz in the story Hinata was shy when Naruto held her when she felt dizzy she was her usual self, something that wouldn't happen if the movie did actually happen 1st bcoz they have already 👉🏻👈🏻
RJ, 14 Jan 2021 - 5:19pm
this movie is so good. many emotional and so well written moments.
romantic well written moments. great animations. epic action moments.
decent villain. well wriiten enough to be not forgetable , in my opinion.
if i could pick just one movie for you to react ot would be The Lat.
in reality i would like to see your reactions to all the movies and OVAs.
i would love to see your reactions to everything related to Naruto
that you still did not watched. like the other Movies and the OVAs.
all movies are good. but if i could pick just one The Last would be the one