Winter Is Coming - Game of Thrones S1 Episode 1 Reaction


"You know nothing Jon Snow".... Hmm Steejo has seen a lot of this show already...
God, I wish there wasn't so many sex scenes and that rape scene...
It triggered my trauma memories so badly..
It sucks.
Fuck that pig of a guy who raped Daenerys. I mean, I understand but FUCK it makes me angry and scared.
Suzy, i have a problem with the payment method for the VIP and i can´t add now the paymen method, i need your help please U.U
Oh heck yes.. Finally.

Waited for this yourney for so so long..
Suzy, Steejo enjoy the journey.. and ill will follow you along.
Also, Suzy.. got a small tip for you.. maybe its a good idea to NOT
wear to much makeup, while watching this.

Oooooh no, where is part 2 lol, also Suzy yall are really gonna have to pay attention to the show, yall already missed a few things in this first episode. Simple things like the look on someone's face says alot in this show lol
Yeah, alot of INFORMATION in this show. And random boobies to come out. Hopefully yall catch on to most of it lol