Baelor - Game of Thrones S1 Episode 9 Reaction


great reaction, btw this is the way we all felt when we first saw this episode lol it broke us all
Yeay.. here we GOOOO!!.

Waited for this.... Normally in Anime you have a character who has plot armor.

With this Show.. There is no plot Armor, everyone can die. At every single moment. Like Sersei Said.

"When you play "The Game of Thrones, You Win or you Die"

This is a major Death in the Show, R.I.P Ned Stark.
Shonen anime, is aimed at a young japanese audience. Thus, why it feels childish and not as complex as seinen anime or mature themed series like this.

As for the reason why everyone dies, GRRM kills them because it's part of life and art needs to reflect life. What he learned from veteran soldiers back in the days, he wrote what we know on the books. It's his choice to write something like this. .
Love this show so much. Glad you and Steejo are reacting to it. There are a lot of tough things to watch but it's worth getting through. I hope the two of you can make it through all 8 seasons.