Nine Tails - Naruto Shippuden Episode 327 Reaction


this episode is not as good for reactions maybe, but with what's about to happen this perspective of Kurama's is extremely important info that adds to the story, so I love this episode. Yes we have seen it before, but Kurama gets fleshed out more as a character now that we see his perspective on everything.
8:31 "Throughout my entire journey I was supposed to dislike the Nine-tails"
See there's the issue: there was no reason to dislike the Nine-tails, you just went against him cause you were on team Naruto. Typical Human making enemies of those on another team. I felt bad for the Nine-Tails being used for Naruto's egotistical goals, which is why I was on team Sasuke at the end of Original Naruto.
RJ, 16 Oct 2020 - 3:22pm
okay episode
that was interesting to see the Nine Tails Point of View during those situations.
and that was nice to hear your thoughts
you made a okay episode pretty much worth to be rewatched with your reactions.
Yes you may have seen all of this stuff in this episode already but you haven't seen it from Kurama's point of view until this episode.
No he isn't. At the start of Shippuden, he was 15, but Naruto is currently 16 (he told Minato he was 16 during the Pain arc) and is very close to 17.
Lol I love how every time you say something your usually wrong about it haha . Like when u said , “ I don’t see nine tails and Naruto ever working together “ and look now hahaha omg I love people who just blab on and have their perspectives change over time
well ofc. it would change :) as more is revealed that is a perfect reasonable reaction. take itachi.. we are setup all series too hate him or at the very least that he is a horrible person and... the bad guy... same with nagato.. and the series zooms out too reveal what was behinde it. and if the view changes 180 degrees, most often the perspectives will aswel... and tbh unless u know the outcome or do a lucky shoot. most will change their view and perspective :) as thats the way the show was writen too do so. i might be wrong but yeah.. :) but ppl mostly end out beeing wrong when useing words as never, ever and always. :)
if ur given a math piece that says 5+5=x u would say x is 10? and then someone tells u thats wrong. and they revealed it was 5+5+5=x and u say 15? and they say no and revealed 5+5+5+4=x can u really say your answers were wrong?